Jun 14

In looking through the entire July Seasonal Stocks Picks given to Members, I have found several Stocks and ETFs that look really good for the Long Term . . always appealing to me and my Retirement Account!

These are stocks I will look to Buy on pullbacks .. or wisely if they just move higher.

Stocks WITH trade-able options:

AMGN — Will not buy if it drops under 147.40 . . will use that as a Stop-Loss area if I Buy on any pullbacks .. otherwise will use under 151 as an initial Stop-Loss.

LYB — definitely just looking for a pullback first .. will not Buy otherwise.

NKE — I will wait until after their Earnings Report due AMC 06/25/2015 for this one.

Stocks WITH OUT trade-able options:

TECL — looking to Buy if it Holds above the 36.00 area on any pullback

YINN — Buying with a Stop-Loss of under 47.47


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Jun 01

I just wanted to post a couple of our winners for May.  These are two of the many May Seasonal Stock Picks given to subscribers over a month before their Seasonal period comes into play:

LYV Seasonality Data — Buying a Seasonal Stock on a decline into its Seasonal period lowers the risk of entry and increases the possible reward. LYV had been up 8- of the last 9- years in May going into May of 2015.




SAFM Seasonality Data — Another one that declined into its May Buying Seasonality.  SAFM had been Up 12- of its past 14- years in May going into May 2015.



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Apr 12

Holding well since my last Bullish Trend Stock Market Analysis 3-weeks ago.

Current Trend Stock Market Analysis:

Long-Term BULL
Medium-Term BULL
Short-Term BULL

All nine stock picks I’ve posted here since (and including) Week-12 are still in good shape and are even in position to Open/Add early this coming week.

My favorites for this week are:

FB — I’m looking for a little bit more of a Drop .. towards 80, before resuming higher.   THEN I will be building my position.   If she keeps Dropping towards 75 first, I will wait for a show of Strength again before entering.   Very nice and liquid options .. which I will use for this position.

GPRO — I will be Buying on Monday with a stop-loss under 42 . . initial Target = 50 . . this could be a longer-term grind much higher . . I’ll probably start with July-$40 Call options and take it from there.

BAS — Has formed a very nice base and looks to be breaking out now.   I will be Buying on a pullback under 8 and then a sign of Strength again .. OR .. a breakout above 8.80, NOT on extreme-high Volume.


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Mar 29

As our Members know, most stocks have periods of the year (same each year) that they make Bigger moves than usual. This might be due to a Holiday they specialize in .. OR .. a sales period they usually do well in .. OR .. a certain Quarterly Report they usually come out strongly in .. OR .. any reason you can think of!

Instead of doing the research for each of thousands of companies, we have designed a program that scans historical price data for over 6,000 stocks and figures out the best Buy/Sell patterns for every stock and then gives us these patterns for every stock .. AND .. the best stocks to Buy/Sell for every Week and Month of the year!

April Seasonal Stock Trade Picks

So .. without further ado .. these are my favorite Seasonal Stock Trade Picks for the Month of April . . Buying in the beginning and selling at the end . . with some fine-tuning of our entries with some Technical Analysis:

ARLP – look at March/April-2012 to see the power of Seasonality for this one . . even though in a Strong Down-trend, April seems to pull her Up for a few weeks. This is a risky one due to the recent, steady Drop . . . but worth looking at if she starts to make her usual April run higher again.  Unfortunately the options are not trade-able, but still worth a possible 10% run Higher if you catch her as she starts to rise.

ELP — looking for a move to 13 at least . . could go to 16 on continued strength

EXLP — in a nice Up-trend Channel all year .. looking for more Up in April.   Looking for over 30 in a sustained move higher

BAS — looking at its chart, you can see why I think its a good time to buy as it normally starts rising this month . . I’m getting IN and Holding for a Big Run Higher!  I will be using distant Call Options.

April Seasonal Stock Trade Picks

BAS long-Term Monthly chart .. click to enlarge

MEMBERS go here for ALL of the automated April Monthly Seasonals.


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Mar 27

Here is how I use the Main Model Signals service and the Buy/Sell Signals and VP levels that he supplies.

This past week the S&P-500 rallied, hit, broke-down through different Sell Signals and VP Levels as price moved all around.

When the S&P-500 rallied to a VP Level and failed to stay above it, I bought PUT option debit Spreads . . . Buying one strike price and selling another strike price 2-SP-points lower . . thereby locking in a $200 per spread Max Profit should the Signal be correct (which his Signals usually are) .. OR .. just a small Gain if the Signal is wrong and the S&P-500 moves higher.

The key is that I am Buying 2.00 SP-points (212-210 and 209-207 in my actual trades below) for only about 1.50 SP-points . . on near-to-expiration options.  By buying these PUT Spreads (Down-profiters) on Rallies (Up moves), I get the spread for a nicely discounted price.  Since both options in my position are already In-The-Money at the time of purchase … I only have to manage moves against me (higher) as the S&P-500 price approaches my short strike-price .. thereby putting the 2-point spread in danger.  Since I do this with about one-week left until the expiration of my short position, this rarely happens that the S&P-500 would move up so much in just one week.  I do these PUT spreads in Down-trending Markets and the opposite (CALL spreads) in Up-trending Markets.

This is a snapshot of my actual trades over this past week:

  1. Buying the spread for $137 per contract then 5-days later selling it for $190 per contract = 38% in 5-days
  2. Buying the spread for $146 per contract then the next day selling it for $194 per contract = 32% in 1-day

Notice that I am not Greedy and I Close the position NEAR the max profit of $200 per contract . . happy with that and not trying to wait for the last dollar of Profit and potentially lose my nice gains.


Go here to check out this truly great service:  S&P-500 and Gold Trading Signals.


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Mar 22

Current Trend Stock Trading Analysis:

Long-Term BULL
Medium-Term BULL
Short-Term BULL

Our Down then Up Trend Analysis from 2-weeks ago worked out perfectly!
Now it looks like clear sailing Upwards from here for the near-term.

My Stock Trading thoughts for the week:

I am currently Holding a +March5-212/-March4-210 Weekly Put Diagonal position looking for 25% Profits in 2-weeks.
I will be looking for similar IWM Call spreads this coming week . . I think IWM will move more Up, percentage wise, than the rest of the indices.

CMG — looking for a breakout to 710 and beyond . . I will be using under 650 as a Stop-Loss area . . . I will be using Call option strategies.

SBNY — I will be looking to enter Up positions on any pullbacks . . this is a longer-term favorite.

TSLA — Looking to Short on any Rallies.

GPRO — will enter Long to take advantage of a potential short-squeeze on a break above 41.60

FB — I will be Buying on Pullbacks .. even as it goes Higher . . . I will be using Call option strategies, of course.

I am leary of any Market Rallies because of the ongoing divergence between Risky and Safe bonds . . . their ratio usually goes inline with overall Stock Market prices .. higher prices higher risk .. but since the beginning of 2014 have diverged . . . risk has dropped dramatically (risk off), but stock market prices keep rising:

stock trading

High Risk to Low Risk Bonds Ratio


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Mar 15

For this coming week I am looking at Buying the following for short-term Trades:

  • IWM Call options on any pull-backs
  • QQQ Put options on any rallies
  • FXE Put options on any rallies
  • USO Put options on rallies

I also like AMBA longer-term. Ambarella (AMBA) makes systems-on-a-chip (SoC) for GoPro’s massively popular cameras and other wearable tech. GoPro uses Ambarella’s technology exclusively and that’s been a very good thing for the company thus far. Ambarella has high gross margins and has its new SoC in high-end drones used for filmmaking. While making systems-on-a-chip for wearable cameras is Ambarella’s bread and butter, the company is also expanding its tech into high-definition security cameras for AT&T and other companies.  AMBA should do well as a leading Internet of Things company.

I also will be Trading my favorite April Monthly Seasonal stocks using the Tools that Members have access to.


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Mar 09

Stock Trading for Week-10

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Current Trend Analysis:

Long-Term BULL
Medium-Term BULL
Short-Term BEAR


My favorite stock this week with Weekly Options = AFSI
AFSI is in Daily- and Weekly- compressions . . ready for a continuation squeeze to the Up-side.
The options have too wide of a spread to nicely trade, so I will just look to trade the common-stock . . using under 49.75 as a Stop-loss area.

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Dec 27

Recent Alibaba (BABA) Pick for Members

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This proprietary HOT pick was given to Blashing.com subscribers on December 13th to Buy on Monday December 15th.
Using the January-105 Call option was recommended.
The chart below shows the action on those BABA January 105 Call options . . within days giving us over 60% Profit!

click to enlarge

BABA January 105 Call option

BABA January 105 Call option

Think about getting your own inexpensive subscription HERE !!


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May 29

Sample Seasonal Stock Picks

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Here were our first Monthly Seasonal Stock Picks, alphabetically, from each of the first three months of this year.

They are not necessarily the best and definitely not the only nor the biggest winners . . .

just the first picks, alphabetically, from each of the first three months of this year:

for January, the first Monthly Seasonal Stock Pick listed alphabetically was ASTC:


for February, the first Monthly Seasonal Stock Pick listed alphabetically was CF:


for March, the first Monthly Seasonal Stock Pick listed alphabetically was AEHR:


Stock Seasonality is amazing!

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